The Show 

The Agriculture Show has changed over the decades, as have our island and our population. The annual show is a tradition for many, but it is more than a stroll down memory lane.

Each year the Show has been planned to offer you the participants an opportunity to take a step back into Cayman's history and a step forward as we look into the future as Agricultural continues to develop in the Cayman Islands. It provides a great opportunity for all stakeholders involved with Agriculture to learn from one another and our children to showcase their ideas for a better future in Agriculture here in the Cayman Islands.

The Agriculture Show is a fitting reminder that more must be done for such a critically important sector. We must be even more mindful that we are living in a time of global uncertainty, marked by global warming, high food prices and shortages, not to mention the anticipated population growth over the next few years. The Agricultural Society takes the position that TODAY is the day to start. We can no longer live in denial about our own food security. 

The Cayman Islands Agricultural Society strives hard to produce a show to bring awareness and publicity of the agricultural and craftsmanship available locally, as well as provide a quality relaxing family environment in which our guests can be educated and entertained. It is our sincere wish that after your visit to our show, you will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the agricultural industry and the quality products it produces. That you will be able to tell everyone how much you enjoyed the show, and that you will be looking forward to the next show.