About C.I.A.S

Our Company

C.I.A.S is to promote a greater interest in land use with the aim of increasing the production of crops, including horticultural crops and livestock that can be profitably produced in the Cayman Islands with a view to improving the economic conditions.

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To promote and organize any functions or activities bearing on agricultural developments. 

Youth Involvement

C.I.A.S Youth Farming Club

Our  Youth Club are for children aged 7-11 to enjoy informal, outdoor learning in a Farm setting. Young people share their ideas and make decisions about the care of Farm animals, growing their own food, healthy meals to make, craft or construction projects and organizing environmental projects.  Children have the opportunity to go on trips throughout the year and to demonstrate their achievements at the Annual Agricultural Show.


C.I.A.S 4-H Club 

In 4‑H, we believe in the power of young people. We see that every child has valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around us.The 4-H club has evolved from an agriculture focused educational format to its current role in providing urban and rural youth with the skills they need to transition into adulthood in today’s complex society.


To study and apply the practices of good husbandry in conducting field days,demonstrations, experiments, competitions, etc.

Environment & Sustainability

To assist farmers evaluate the environmental and climate change risks associated with their operations, acquire knowledge and tools to address these risks, provide financial incentives to help them implement solutions and assist them to enhance their land base.

Property Rental
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Planning your next  venue for your anniversary, birthday party, office party, or a reunion of family and friends?



Weddings At The Grounds


Are you looking for a quiet and peaceful place to have your outdoor wedding and create a memorable day? The Cayman Islands Agricultural Grounds is the ideal place to hold your outdoor wedding. With two outdoor lawns, one in the front of the stage and one on the left at the entrance, you can decide where to hold your special event.